What began as a small group of friends spontaneously harmonizing in the West Engineering Arch in 1993 quickly became a close-knit, talented a cappella group. Known for our showstopping soloists and distinctive style, we embody the University’s continued commitment to embracing multiculturalism.

Greenies are very active in the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community. You can find us doing our thing all around campus at some of our favorite events like Freshman Convocation Ceremony, Taste of Michigan, Campus Day, Dance Marathon, and many more!

on three!

our name

The name 58 Greene is the namesake of the practice room in which the founding members rehearsed, located in the basement of East Quad at the University of Michigan.

Though 58 Greene has outgrown this cozy practice room—  now turned Atrium, you will still find us rehearsing in East Quad to stay close to our roots!

our repertoire

Some of our current go to's:

• Skate - Silk Sonic
• Brown-Eyed Lover - Allen Stone
• Good Thing - Kehlani
• Blueberry Eyes - Max ft. Suga

and many others! All of our songs are personally arranged by our talented members. If you're interested in one of our arrangements, please contact us at greeneones@umich.edu.

Our mascot is a turtle named after the mineral corundum. Though corundum is bonded together by two relatively light elements, oxygen and aluminum, it is the second hardest natural mineral known to science. Corundum serves as a metaphor for our group - though we are known for our soloists, it is not in our individuals that we are strong but in our bond of love for music and each other. Corundum is and will always be essential to being a Greenie.

From our founding member to our newest Newbie, our history and tradition are at the core of what it means to be a Greenie. No matter how much we evolve and grow as a group, we never forget where we came from.

our mascot

meet our partners

In 1999, a small group of Greenies were a part of the co-founding members of FunKtion and Dance 2XS. Naturally, because of the overlap, a strong bond was developed between the groups. When part of Dance 2XS split off, the Greenie spirit lived on in that group, known as EnCore. Eventually, we joined forces and invited our friends FunKtion and EnCore to perform with us, and the rest is history! To this day, we haven’t forgotten our ties and proudly partner with FunKtion and EnCore for Greenie concerts.


EnCore is a multicultural, coed, hip hop dance group based at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It began in 2000 when a group of friends came together to form a dance group on campus united not only in their love of dancing, but with each other as well. 

Contact them at: encore@umich.edu


We are funKtion, University of Michigan's all-male, multicultural, hip-hop dance team. Founded on the principles of brotherhood, dance, and entertainment,

we promote the joy and the welfare of the University's diverse community and share our unique blend of

hype, humor, and energy. 

Contact them at: funKtion@umich.edu