Greenies on three!

With a sound as diverse as our members, 58 Greene has emerged as one of the top singing groups on campus. Known for our showstopping soloists and distinctive style, the 58 Greene family typifies the University’s continued commitment to embracing multiculturalism. 58 Greene is where the Leaders and Best come together to shine, exemplifying the force of empowerment, family, self-expression, and music: “The Michigan ‘Greenie’ Difference.”

Greenies are very active in the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community. You can find us doing our thing all around campus at some of our favorite events like the Freshman Convocation Ceremony, Taste of Michigan, Campus Day, Dance Marathon, Lunar Ball, USAC Cancer Week, and many more!

Our Name

What began as a small group of friends spontaneously harmonizing in the West Engineering Arch in 1993 quickly became a close-knit, talented a cappella group. The name 58 Greene is the namesake of the practice room in which the founding members rehearsed, located in the basement of East Quad at the University of Michigan. The founding "Greenies" felt that all the experiences and intangibles that made up their newly formed group could best be captured in that name—the place where it all came to life!


Though 58 Greene has outgrown this cozy practice room - now turned Atrium we like to call the Greenie, you can find them rehearsing, composing, improving, and having a blast all over campus.

Our Rep

58 Greene has taken Ann Arbor by storm since the early 90's with songs spanning all genres. We pick songs that speak to us as a group, based on majority voting, and perform each of those songs for three semesters. Here are some of our current go to's!


  • End of Love - Florence + The Machine

  • Adore You - Harry Styles

  • Wave (feat. Mike Sabath) - Meghan Trainor

  • Criminal - Che'Nelle

  • needy - Ariana Grande

  • Don't You Cry For Me - Cobi

  • Calvin's Joint - Mac Ayres (feat. Declan Miers)

and many others! All of our songs are personally arranged by our talented members. If you're interested in one of our arrangements, please contact us at

Greenie Lore

58 Greene has a turtle mascot named after the mineral Corundum. Though Corundum is bonded together by two relatively light elements, oxygen and aluminum, it is actually the second hardest natural mineral known to science. Corundum serves as a metaphor for our group: though we are known for our soloists, it is not in our individuals that we are strong but in our bond of love for music and each other. Corundum is and will always be essential to being a Greenie.


From our founding member to our newest Newbie, our history and tradition are at the core of what it means to be a Greenie. No matter how much we evolve and grow as a group, we never forget where we came from.


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